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Taks released essay prompts

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Taks released essay prompts

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assignments essay In a First-Year Seminar or a writing-intensive course, it is best to taks released, have several writing assignments and a variety of types of writing, usually integrated with course readings, rather than one long assignment at the end of the course. On this page we will emphasize the difference between informal writing, or writing to learn, and best formal writing, or writing to communicate. Think of informal writing as short and often impromptu, written primarily for the benefit of the writer as an aid to clarifying purpose and not requiring extensive instructor response. A variety of informal writing activities can help develop students' critical thinking skills by taks released prompts providing them with a space for five paragraph essay outlines, asking questions, raising critique, and playing with ideas. Formal writing is taks released prompts, more reader-based, with specific considerations for audience and convention.

Each type of writing is paragraph essay outlines, integral to the students' literacy development. Writing About Reading. Consider the following general suggestions for planning and creating writing assignments that work well: make sure the task is clearly defined, using language that helps students know what they are expected to produce, when, and why. offer an authentic situation, one that provides students with a clear sense of purpose and audience. if there are specific steps that students need to follow to complete the assignment, make sure to include them (length, plans to see a thesis statement, notes, and/or draft; plans for released prompts, conferencing and essay menagerie peer review, etc.). write assignments so that students can understand how their purpose ties into the overall plan for the course. if appropriate, include information about how you will respond to the writing assignment and grading criteria. consider whether there are aspects of the released essay prompts assignment that can be made flexible for students with special learning needs or different levels of ability (extended deadlines, time for of history, conferencing, etc.). Writing assignments can be developed for different purposes: as a way to support learning as well as a means of communication. Informal Writing Assignments: Writing to taks essay, Learn. Essay Of Education? Whether considering writing in the classroom for a writing course, a First Year Seminar, or a content-area course, it is taks prompts, important to understand how course content can actually be understood and secured through writing to learn. In this mode, students write in order to discover, examine, and test their ideas about reading assignments, class discussions, lectures, and essay topics. Such writing is best website write, usually informal, can take a variety of forms, and represents the kind of taks released prompts active thinking and critical engagement with course material that helps students prepare for more formal writing tasks.

Writing to learn becomes a vehicle for essay in sanskrit, figuring out and refining what we think before we communicate publicly to others. Ideas for using writing to learn in the classroom: 1. READING LOGS OR COMMONPLACE BOOKS. think of the unique human being using writing to express an idea. List as many facts as you can think of about the writer based on what is found in the reading: are there thoughtful conclusions and careful evidence presented about the taks released essay subject under discussion? What does this tell you about the writer's intellectual response to the subject? try a passage commentary: select a passage from the reading that seems most important, copy it into the reading log, and then write several paragraphs explaining why the passage seems significant. use the ancient tradition of commonplace books: for best essays online, every assigned reading, copy important passages because they have significant ideas related to the course material and/or because they represent strong writing that might be imitated in terms of form and style choices.

Such a commonplace book will help improve memory of course topics and serve as a helpful resource for review. 2. RESPONSE PAPERS. for every assigned reading, write a response that both summarizes the main points (lower-order reasoning skills) and analyzes/critiques the main points (higher-order reasoning skills). practice critical reflection as part of reading response: -what was strong and weak about the assigned reading and why; - what was interesting, relevant, and connected to other readings and taks released why; - what seemed off the topic, irrelevant, or inconsistent with other readings and why; - what assumptions seemed explicit and/or implicit in on multiculturalism in australia the reading and why; - what opposing viewpoints to the reading seem important and why; - what are the advantages and/or disadvantages of agreeing with the reading and why? use a series of short (100 words), progressively more difficult writing assignments that can be completed in the classroom or as homework. Short, quick summaries of essay assigned readings could be asked for first, then short syntheses of ideas in several connected readings, and finally analyses of the quality of an argument or string of related ideas. As micro themes grow in number and best website write online difficulty, topics for more formal assignments like critical analysis might emerge and signal productive directions for both teacher and student. 4. EXIT/ENTRANCE CARDS. using 3x5 cards, ask students to comment with an released prompts, idea or question about the topic under discussion for a specific class period, then use their comments/questions to begin the essays on multiculturalism next class period. using 3x5 cards, require that students enter class with a comment or question about the essay assigned reading written on five paragraph essay outlines the card and ready to be shared for class discussion. 5. IN-CLASS FREEWRITES interrupt a lecture or discussion with a short freewrite that asks students to comment on released what is under discussion. These short freewrites can then be discussed or the five outlines class can move ahead. Either way, freewriting will allow students to focus closely on taks released essay a topic. 6. INVENTION TECHNIQUES FOR PREPARING TO WRITE AN ESSAY use a focused freewrite on value essay the day that a formal writing assignment is introduced: review the material that has been covered and the actual writing assignment; then ask students to write freely for about five minutes on prompts what they are thinking about as a possible topic. Share these ideas in class discussion, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses and relevance in terms of the assignment. use a center of gravity approach.

Start freewriting on a possible direction for the assignment and stop after three minutes, then: - review what was written and underline or circle the idea that seems most prominent; - copy the underlined or circled idea on a clean page and then begin freewriting again for three minutes, focused on the copied idea; - again review what was written and five paragraph outlines complete the same process of underlining, copying, and essay freewriting on the specific idea that has been copied. Each time the student freewrites, in other words, the original idea becomes more and more focused - the website write students draws closer to the center of released essay gravity for the actual writing assignment and have something to start with for a draft. write a discovery draft as a first response to a formal writing assignment, one that is shared in a peer group and/or read by the teacher and commented on for the coherence of its main idea and essays on multiculturalism in australia supporting evidence only. Such a discovery draft will then allow the student to build on early ideas as a more complete draft is written. Formal Writing Assignments: Writing to Communicate. Taks Released Prompts? When writing to communicate, students move from their informal and more discovery-based writing to more formal, demanding and public expectations of particular discourse and rhetorical conventions. Learning the conventions for specific fields of study, developing different methods for useful linking for essays, analysis and argument, as well as fine tuning the details of grammar, documentation and mechanics are central to taks released prompts, the mode of writing as communication. At their most effective, assignments in writing to communicate can be built directly off the scaffolding that has been provided through writing to learn. The two modes of writing are connected in value of history terms of developing content, but writing to communicate will call for taks essay prompts, more coherent development and structure.

Students can be asked to review everything they have written informally through writing to learn in order to website, determine a focus or direction for their more formal assignments in taks released essay public communication. They may find an initial thesis for a specific topic emerging through their ideas for using writing to communicate in on importance the classroom. Taks Released Prompts? 1. ESSAY ASSIGNMENTS. Of Education In Sanskrit? Consider the PURPOSE or the essay prompts primary focus that will be emphasized by a specific assignment. Do you want students to develop analytical, informational, argumentative, reflective, or expressive skills, or a combination of several skills? The essay instructions should make clear to value of history, students what set of skills will be most valued when completing the assignment. Analytical: What is valued is the students' ability to examine closely the connection between the parts and the whole of a particular subject and their ability to investigate and essay articulate the way ideas connect to or contrast with one another. Informational: What is valued is the students' ability to summarize and synthesize information about a particular subject. Argumentative: What is valued is the students' ability to articulate a claim about a particular subject with appropriate evidence to support such a claim.

Reflective: What is valued is the on importance of education students' ability to look at experiences retrospectively and articulate what has been learned from taks essay them. Glass Menagerie? Expressive: What is valued is the students' ability to consider the taks released relevance of personal experience. Website Essays Online? Analysis is the released skill underpinning all others. To write well from an informational, argumentative, or expressive perspective, in other words, students need to use their analytical ability to focus their writing. A sense of purpose will connect to developing a central idea or thesis. Knowing what kind of writing is expected of them (informational? argumentative? expressive?) and reviewing the ideas present in their writing to learn assignments will help students accomplish the difficult task of determining a central idea. Essay On Importance In Sanskrit? After reading, class discussion, and taks released essay writing to learn, students will be more able to useful linking words for essays, decide what they want to say and thus have a starting point. A set of essay instructions can ask students to follow through on these kinds of review and explorations to arrive at a working central idea. Students can be encouraged to begin with a working central idea in order to develop a preliminary draft. Ideas might be roughly sketched out to begin with using the following seed sentences as frames: I am analyzing/arguing about_______________ in order to understand/examine_______________________.

Most people believe that _____________________, but my investigation has shown that __________________. We know this _____________ about taks released ____________; we also need to know this __________________ about ____________________________. Seed sentences can help students get started writing and can then be further refined later in the process of writing. Working with seed sentences might also be a productive approach to writing to learn. Effective assignments should also ask students to best website essays, consider AUDIENCE. Are they to be thinking of the taks released essay prompts teacher exclusively when completing the assignment?

Should they be thinking of a general educated audience, or an glass menagerie, audience only taks released essay prompts of their peers? Should they be thinking of the audience as completely or partially informed about the subject? Will the audience hold values similar to or different from the writer? How much will the in australia audience identify with the subject and topic under study? Such considerations will help determine the form and style choices that can be made and are central to the writing task. Once the purpose, central idea, and audience have been established as part of the assignment, consider providing students additional advice on the STRUCTURE of their writing. They might bear in mind these structural possibilities: Thesis/Support: the most common deductive structure whereby students establish a central idea or thesis after introducing the subject in the introduction and then provide a series of taks released prompts supporting ideas with examples, facts, anecdotes, testimony, statistics, quotations, and other details. On Multiculturalism In Australia? Problem/Solution: an taks released essay, effective two-part structure whereby students first examine the nature of a specific problem and then describe an effective solution that carries with it their central claim about the subject. The writing situation considers a problem to which the student is proposing a solution. Students can be asked to consider the costs and benefits of the solution proposed.

Question/Answer: another two-part structure that is formed around an analysis of a central question or set of questions that are pertinent to a subject and then moves into a claim/analysis of possible answers. Narrative/Analysis: a structure building on write essays story techniques whereby the student details what is released essay prompts, happening/has happened and uses these events to develop an essay of education, analysis/argument about the subject. Finally, an assignment can also be accompanied by a MODEL that illustrates the expectation for writing. Successful assignments can be saved and taks essay prompts copied for such purposes in future classes. The following handouts provide examples of essay assignments that stress various purposes, sense of audience, and structural ideas: 2. WRITING ABOUT READING. For Essays? Many academic assignments ask students to write very specifically about what they've read. Taks Released Essay Prompts? The following links provide helpful structures for such assignments: Unlike essay assignments or research projects, an essay exam has a limited purpose and audience: the teacher wants the essay student to taks essay, demonstrate understanding of specific course material and to do so in an articulate manner. These general study habit hints might be useful as students work with material that will be covered by essay exams: take careful notes during relevant class discussion. read assigned chapters critically; that is, respond in a writer's notebook with summary and response, plus annotate the text. review notes regularly before the essay exam. prepare notes or outlines ahead of paragraph essay time that reorganize the material around key topics or issues. read the exam question all the way through at least twice in order to stick to the question being asked and to answer it fully. examine the key words in the question and make sure to consider the difference in implication between words like summarize or define. make a brief outline of the main ideas to be covered. write a thesis sentence that responds directly to taks essay, the question being asked, using some of the on multiculturalism in australia the question's words. write the essay, trying to write clearly and concisely the first time since there won't be much time to rewrite. Make sure to use plenty of specific references to released essay, the material in menagerie question. Essay? Try to correct as many errors in spelling and on importance mechanics as you can find before you hand in your exam. Be as legible as possible but don?t recopy.

Exam questions should be written so that students understand clearly what is taks prompts, expected of them. Is the goal of the exam question: to show that students have acquired a specific body of knowledge? to show that students can create an informed opinion based on this body of knowledge? to essay, show that students can create a convincing argument based on this body of knowledge? to show that students can critically evaluate and acknowledge the ideas they have been reading about and working with? Common Key Words for Essay Exams and Ideas for Organizing Around Them. Taks? Comparison - Contrast : compare and best website contrast Analyzes similarities and differences. Two ways to organize: Definition : define Specifies distinctive characteristics. Released Prompts? How to organize: begin with the term to be defined and discuss the group to which it belongs, then show how the term is different from other members of the essay on importance in sanskrit group. Make sure to include its important features.

Use details, comparisons, and examples. Analysis : analyze or discuss or explain Breaks topic into its elements. Explains and compares main points of released essay prompts view on the topic. How to organize: analysis involves a careful breaking of something into its various parts. Using transitional words like first, second, third? or next, another, in addition will add coherence to your analysis. How to organize: like analysis questions, cause and essay glass menagerie effect questions ask you to trace something?s features, in this case, specific effects of a particular cause or vice versa. Using transitional words will help you organize coherently, especially ?because,? ?therefore,? and ?consequently.? Starting the essay: You don't need an embellished, exciting opening for a timed essay. Instead, you can state your thesis right away and give a brief overview of what the released rest of the essay will do. This will immediately show your command over the subject. Essay Of Education? Don't just restate the question without answering it.

Always include your answer to the question in the intro. Developing the essay: The body of your essay should be developed with the same attention to released essay, logical organization, coherence, and adequate development that you provide in any academic paper. Support your thesis with solid generalizations and specific, relevant details. Don't fill out the five essay by repeating yourself. Don't use subjective feelings instead of real analysis. Concluding the essay: Here you can briefly restate the thesis in new words, perhaps pointing to wider implications in a way that follows logically from what you've written rather than in a way that demands more explanation. Before submitting the essay: Reread and correct any illegible sections. Essay Prompts? Make sure your handwriting can be read. Check for on importance in sanskrit, spelling, grammatical mistakes, and accidental omissions. If you find any material that seems irrelevant, cross it out and add other information on another page, keying the addition to the page where it belongs.

For more helpful assistance on getting started, organizing, and completing a draft, visit the Purdue On-Line Writing Lab.

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nz resume templates For a no obligation confidential consultation, get in prompts touch. p. 0508 4 TALENT (482 536) The following positions are currently available. To apply for best website write, any position follow view the full job description and click the taks essay, 'Apply' link. Glass! You can also register your interest without a particular position in mind. 6 month fixed term role, perhaps longer. So to essay, help move the planned change forward, we're after a very good Assistant Accountant to join the team while the changes are bedded in essay glass and also to assist in some of the taks released essay, identified areas of change.

The role will encompass the essay, following: Complex reconciliations (AR / AP / Balance Sheet) In the taks prompts, next few months, there is the intention of introducing a new finance system so it would be ideal if you had some systems experience as well to assist in making the useful words for essays, necessary changes during this time. In the next few months, there is the intention of introducing a new finance system so it would be ideal if you had some systems experience as well to assist in making the necessary changes during this time. At this stage the role is for a fixed term of six months, and whilst there are no guarantees, there is a very real possibility that the role could become permanent at some stage. On offer is very good remuneration, plus the opportunity to taks, work in an environment with a great team, and within an organisation tasked with making a real difference to people's lives.

If this opportunity sounds appealing and seems made for essay on importance of education, you, then please submit an application via our registration process by clicking on apply. And if you'd like to know more, feel free to call Kevin Chappell on 0295-974739. Part time role (approx. 20 hours/week) Reporting to the General Manager, the primary responsibilities of the role include:

Producing monthly financial and taks released essay management accounts Completing the GST, FBT, PAYE tax returns Management of Cash Flow, Payroll, and Inventory Accounting and reporting software management. It is on importance, not a prerequisite to be a qualified CA, but you need to be qualified by experience and by your ability to support the GM. To get you further excited there are a number of ongoing projects that require your attention; so although there will be approximately 20 hours/week required of taks prompts, you there will be a need for you to essay glass menagerie, have some flexibility. To be seriously considered you will need to have: Worked in a similar position for at least 3 years Experienced a light manufacturing environment Very good analytical skills and a strong handle on costing Ђ“ especially job costing An understanding of business drivers Broad accounting software literacy (MYOB is currently used) and be an intermediate level user of Microsoft Excel. This is a busy role at the very heart of the organisation, providing the released, link and clarity of essay on importance in sanskrit, information flow between the prompts, financial/administration and production functions of the business and linking words for essays will appeal to released essay prompts, those with a commercial bent. Naturally you will need to be self-motivated, comfortable working in an open office environment, have a pragmatic work style and a sense of humour. If this sounds like you, then please click on the ЂњapplyЂќ link to register your candidacy and CV along with a cover letter detailing why you believe you meet the essays on multiculturalism in australia, criteria for this position. Direct any enquiries to prompts, John Keesing 021-649920; or Highly sought-after national role for this multi-national FM company Manage the on importance of education in sanskrit, team for essay, this substantial and newly acquired contract Large team around the country. Engineering, Facilities Maintenance Management, Construction.

Key regional role for this multi-national FM company Manage and write maintain substantial building assets Opportunity to add value and enhance existing relationships. 3 month or so duration, not necessarily full-time. Responsibility in taks released the project will be as follows: Identify land Develop construction plan Cost out the useful linking, project Liaise with funders Develop and prepare project plan Present to Board. You will need to have had experience in this type of project as there are some peculiarities and nuances between the primary stakeholders involved. So as well as internal people (management, staff), your relationships will be with the relevant Iwi, financial institutions, and taks prompts the Government entities involved. It would be helpful to have had some experience in this area, although most important will be capability and understanding of these types of projects. The deadline for the project is the end of November and on importance in sanskrit due to the nature of the work, it's not likely to be full-time during this period. So if you've got the skills and are available, then click on apply and follow our registration process.

Alternatively, you can contact Kevin Chappell on 0295-974739 for brief information. ONLY THOSE IN NZ AND WITH RELEVANT EXPERIENCE WILL BE CONSIDERED. Key regional role for this multi-national FM company Manage and maintain substantial building assets Opportunity to add value and enhance existing relationships. Information Communication Technology. Two roles - one technical, the other more generic. Therefore we're after an accomplished Senior BA who has experience in essay a multi-site service delivery environment.

This is an value essay, Agile type environment with a number of interrelated projects with a mix of recent appointments and released prompts longer-term PMs and BAs, so you will not be short on tapping into existing expertise and knowledge! You will need very strong technical analysis skills because you'll be both creating process from scratch and formulating the detail, as well as modifying processes from a variety of existing and related systems and bringing them into a single system. But we're also after good commercial nous so that processes are developed in glass menagerie a business sense. Taks Essay Prompts! Important too are strong and essay proven communication skills, top documentation skills, and released a high fluency of English due to the nature of the value of history, broad range of stakeholders - and industry sector. We're after a couple of prompts, people - one more technically focused, the value of history essay, other more commercail in nature, and taks released essay someone who can also contribute to business case development. The organisation and industry will certainly appeal to anyone with this experience, and on offer is excellent remuneration - and potential longevity - for the right person. The preference is for an initial six month contract with a view to best website essays online, a permanent appointment should all go swimmingly. As this is a regional project, this client will consider applicants from both the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions, as they have branches in taks released essay prompts both locations. If you have registered previously, it would be helpful to essay on importance in sanskrit, renew contact - and taks released prompts your availability - if we have missed you!

If you've got the skills we are after, then click on apply and follow our registration process, marking your application to the attention of Kevin Chappell. You can also contact me on 0295-974739 for for essays, more information. NB: ONLY THOSE WITH A LEGAL RIGHT TO WORK IN NZ WILL BE CONSIDERED. OTHERS WILL NOT BE ACKNOWLEDGED. Exciting major cornerstone project. We're after an accomplished technical BA for this key project that has been underway for some time with this large and complex organisation. And if you're an expert at what you do, then we won't need to essay prompts, spell out too much detail - which can be outlined more in five outlines discussion. But as a top-line outline, you will: Develop and implement appropriate methodologies, standards, templates and guidelines for analysis and implementation. Gathering, analyse develop business reporting requirements for the Project. Define solutions that will meet those agreed requirements.

Identify and analyse existing processes and identify those that will be retained or modified. Lead the consultation and analysis, design, produce, and implement new operational reports. Lead the migration from the existing infrastructure to the new. Taks Prompts! Identify risks and mitigate those risks where possible. Because of the nature of menagerie, this component of the project, you'll need to be top-notch at what you do. So it's likely you won't have less than 5-6 years in a functional Analyst role within a large and/or complex commercial environment, and that could be either in the public or private sector. You'll also need your experience backed up by appropriate tertiary qualifications and a track record of taks essay, accomplishment with verifiable outcomes and and achievements.

Because of the essay on importance of education, complexities of essay prompts, this project, your technical skills will be enhanced by excellent communication skills, both verbally and essays in australia written, and it's important that you can slide comfortably into an existing team structure, add value immediately, but also be prepared to learn from those already ensconced in this project. This client is flexible how you are engaged - fixed term contract or employment - or they would even consider initially engaging for released, a shorter period. Five Outlines! One thing you can be assured of is that this is a premium project where your skills will be valued but the experience will be valuable - for essay, future opportunities for you. If so, and you have this experience, then please send your CV and a cover letter to useful words for essays, me by clicking on apply and following our registration process. If you'd like more detail, then please call Kevin Chappell on 0295 974739.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY THOSE WITH RELEVANT EXPERIENCE AND/OR THE RIGHT TO WORK IN NZ, WILL BE CONSIDERED. They require an experienced DBA (technology enthusiast!) who will proactively undertake routine database maintenance in line within set global protocols, assist the business and clients with custom scripts and queries, but also have the taks released essay, ability to menagerie, work closely with the business and clients to understand and translate the essay prompts, data. It is essential that you have experience in value organisations with Ђњmission critical, high availabilityЂќ systems, able to manage the taks prompts, formal and rigorous change requests processes and liaise with local and global support teams to identify faults and issues, installing upgrades and patches to essays, fix programme bugs. Whilst this is the NZ division of a global business, this is an important role working with a small team, and hours of work will need to be flexible as this is essay prompts, a 24/7 critical operation. Essay! The company support centre and RD teams are based overseas, therefore travel maybe required from taks released prompts time to useful for essays, time. You must therefore be able to pass some security/police pre-employment vetting checks, and prompts credit check, possess a current drivers licence and passport.

You must have proven experience in a similar role within NZ and outlines SQL database experience is mandatory. Also important is that you will possess a proactive and positive approach to taks released essay, work, take pride and ownership to deliver high quality, correct and timely services, possess a calm demeanour and strong interpersonal skills. Only people with the right to live and essay of education in sanskrit work in NZ may apply for this role Ђ“ please ensure you meet the above criteria before applying. If you fulfill the criteria for the role and are interested, then please click on apply and released essay follow our registration process. Or for further information, please contact Amanda Scott, Consulting Director, talentnow! on 021784483. Highly credible finance company 2-3 month contract assignment East Auckland location Immediate start. This role is value of history essay, a blend of taks, lending assessment, support, and sales administration and useful for essays customer services; therefore it is essential you have lending experience. The contract role requires a suitable candidate to be analytically minded with good numerical ability, able to interpret data, perform credit profile assessments, work through volume loan processing, and identify opportunities when engaging with the clients to 'upsell' additional financial products such as insurance etc. This contract, would suit an essay prompts, experienced lender with 3+ years' experience in lending, preferably with a non-bank lender or finance company such as UDC, Avanti, Dorchester or similar. This is best write essays online, a very good business, with plenty of incoming loans for processing, a very innovative and fresh culture, and working with an taks, exceptional entrepreneur who is essays on multiculturalism in australia, highly experienced and respected in the financial services field. To be successful in this role you will be able to work autonomously but also contribute to a collegial team culture, absorb new information quickly, understand lending principles, about to relate to taks released essay prompts, and apply legislative and regulatory information, take a detailed and careful approach to credit and loan applications, have exception customer service skills, fast and accurate data entry/processing.

Ideally you will be experienced, have an appropriate vocational qualification, sound computer skills (MS Office) and understand credit contracts and/or consumer finance would be very helpful, you will have a clean driver's license, possess business literacy and numeracy and essay glass menagerie able to pass a credit check and pre-employment police check, as well as possess NZ experience. Taks Released Essay! You will possess strong communication skills enabling you to interact with a number of key customers etc. You must be available immediately as our client would like a robust recruitment process but to have someone commence next week if possible, please submit an application ASAP via our registration process, and linking we'll come straight back to you. Please mark to the attention of Kevin Chappell, Principal Director, talentnow! 1. ONLY THOSE WITH A LEGAL RIGHT TO WORK IN NZ WILL BE CONSIDERED. 2. AND ONLY THOSE WITH EXPERIENCE IN NZ, WILL BE CONSIDERED.

3. Taks Essay! IF YOU DON'T FIT EITHER CRITERIA, YOUR APPLICATION CANNOT BE ACKNOWLEDGED. Management Consulting, Business Performance and Analysis. Join this team tasked with process improvement and change. Completely supported by senior management, the teams are mandated to facilitate change in a way not seen before. This will transcend most business areas, including management, professional, support, and specialty areas, with each team member assigned a specific portfolio. Focus will be across all business areas, on business processes and systems, with responsibilities of the role ranging from project/need discovery and requirements, process analysis etc through to five paragraph, business case, implementation and embedding. So what specific background are we after? In this type of role, tertiary qualifications are almost mandatory, but more important is relevant experience in business analysis involved with business improvement and change, across broad areas of business. Having said that, if you have specific business area expertise, but wish to essay prompts, broaden your experience, then this role may allow you to do this. You'll be well experienced in analysis leading to requirements gathering, business processes mapping and documentation. Your technical skills will be highly valued, but above all, you'll need to be business savvy and not just have theoretical experience.

Relevant training, in best website online such programmes as Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma, or similar philosophies, will be highly regarded. Because there is a requirement to hit the ground running, you'll need to be able to taks released, utilise your previous experience and successes as early as possible. Exposure to technology and change is an imperative, but most important is your ability to fit the essay glass menagerie, team and change culture alongside your technical skills. You'll need experience in a large complex environment and this could be either the private or public sector, because the released, complexities and size will require an understanding of scale. If you're only experienced in the SME sector, then that will not be sufficient experience. You'll need very strong communication skills, both verbal and written, and complete fluency in English. Experience in a comparative commercial environment to essay glass menagerie, NZ is taks released essay prompts, mandatory. First priority will be to linking words for essays, those who have worked in NZ as the environment demands some understanding of our business culture and the interaction and intersection of the public and private sectors. This will be a challenging role but extremely rewarding at taks prompts the same time.

We not only want the best, we need the best, because there will be challenges every step of the way! If this has piqued your interest, and you feel you have the package to make this role work, then I'd like to hear from you. Please submit an application by clicking on essay on importance in sanskrit, apply and following our registration process. You can also contact Kevin Chappell on prompts, 0295-974739. They have identified some deficiencies, so require someone to come in and run a dummy audit to identify where the issues are. This should not take long but could lead to essay, work to remedy some problem areas. You'll need experience is essay prompts, similar types of organisations and glass know ISO intimately! The intent is to ensure they are ready for a trouble-free audit next year. If this sounds like you, then please click on taks prompts, the apply link to register your interest. Direct any inquiries to value of history essay, Kevin Chappell on 0295-974739.

Manufacturing and Plant Operations. With a policy to only represent brands which lead the released essay, world in essays quality, reliability and technology the taks essay prompts, business also provides a full service back up together with a large inventory of essays, spare parts and accessories. Reporting to the General Manager the position of Workshop Manager has come available and has the following key responsibilities: Planning and released directing the installation, testing, operation, maintenance, repair, overhaul and inspection of in sanskrit, pumping equipment Consulting and negotiating with clients and suppliers to meet project specifications Coordinating and directing all technical requirements for projects, including the workshop management of 2 full time fitters Input into budgets, bids, contracts, costings, and margins. Associated responsibilities will include reviewing and updating procedures and standards; preparing project reports; approving expenditure (local material/service purchases); technical sales back up; as well as input into design work and helping to expand the sales offering. The breadth of the role requires a wide range of skills, including: No less than 5 years' experience in a supervisory role within an engineering/fitting and turning workshop environment Experience with rotating machinery and with the appropriate material selection for both installation and repair Exposure to foundry type work with the associated production of castings from moulds and patterns A strong understanding of costings, developing repair quotations, preparing budgets Proven success in providing solutions and excellence in customer service delivery A mechanical engineering qualification would be a big advantage, as would an released, ability to read and produce drawings (i.e.

CAD) Along with an understanding of Health and useful for essays Safety requirements, having computer literacy (especially around costings and invoicing), and some experience in local purchasing, you will also need to have had some staff supervision and work flow management experience. If you have come off the tools and you are keen to taks essay, take on a wider and of history essay more responsible position, or you see this as a natural career move, this role will provide you with the essay prompts, opportunity to enjoy a busy but important role within an industry leader. Please click on the apply link to register your interest. Attach both your CV and a Cover Letter detailing how you meet the required criteria. Please direct any enquiries to John Keesing 021-649920; Quality, Operations, Contract Management, Administration. 12 month fixed term contract role. Firstly, if you haven't been involved in the administration of an IT or technology project, then it's unlikely that this role will suit. Reporting to a Programme Director who is highly respected and incredibly busy, the expectations are high, as she relies heavily on a high level of essay, performance in this primary support role. Taks Released Essay! So as well as being savvy with these types of projects, she wants someone unflappable, well-organised, and incapable of subscribing to dramas that may go on around the work environment!!

Also, with the value of history essay, Programme Director travelling regularly, this person will need to be used to working autonomously and without instruction or oversight, and be proactive in doing what's needed. It goes without saying that you'll need technical project administration skills and experience and enjoy working with a range of released prompts, stakeholders who themselves have independent views and are in many locations throughout the country. Also, we're after high level communication skills and absolute English fluency, as well as the ability to forge strong working relationships across a broad spectrum of personalities, ages, and styles. So this is not for the faint-hearted, but will be interesting and rewarding. This is a fixed term contract role and write online whilst ideally you'll be a contractor, we can have a temporary employee arrangement if needed. If this sparks some interest, then please submit an application via our registration process by clicking on taks prompts, apply. Useful Linking Words! And if you'd like to know more, feel free to call Kevin Chappell on 0295-974739. B2B ICT Solutions Market Leading provider Stunning Cromwell Location.

You would describe your selling style as consultative, built on trust and integrity, because you're in for the long game and not the quick sale. Ideally you will bring a track record of success from a similar industry - but we wouldn't overlook good candidates with solid experience in other industrial fields. This is a wholly NZ owned company who have grown considerably across the country over the past 20 years. Their success comes from representing the broadest product range in released prompts their category backed up by exceptional customer engagement and paragraph essay service. They have constantly evolved their business processes to taks released essay, support both staff and customers which has further enhanced their reputation. Service delivery is paramount, so as the Account Manager on the front line, you can be confident in the level of useful linking for essays, backup and support. Our ideal candidate will have: Evidential sales success in a similar role The heart of a hunter and the soul of a farmer A consistent sales process Success-oriented without it being about ego. National FMCG role with successful company Flexibility in taks essay working style - work from home office! Very relationship focused. Supply Chain, Procurement, Inventory.

Help set up new direction in of history procurement. Because of the essay prompts, complexities and range of categories, we're after someone with multi-faceted experience across a wide range of categories so you can bring your broad level of experience to bear in this significant change that's required. You will need to essays on multiculturalism in australia, undertake initial needs analyses from both what is happening internally with existing processes (has been outsourced effectively), as well as in the market in general, and develop strategies that align with their new direction. You will then plan and execute the strategy and draft all documentation associated with the essay prompts, action plan, and project manage the process - whilst ensuring all stakeholders are kept apprised of what's happening. Essay! Your leadership and essay prompts expertise will be demonstrated by your knowledge of all the categories, supporting the growing team and value essay stakeholders, and communicating the benefits to the organisation. Because of the released prompts, diversity of stakeholders, you will need to have very strong relationship management skills, and excellent written communication skills.

This is of history, of course complementing your technical expertise in procurement. You will need relevant tertiary qualifications and released essay ideally be CIPS qualified. In Australia! Extensive experience in mainstream procurement is essential, and experience in the wider supply chain field will be seen as advantageous, as will project management experience. Category planning, contract and supplier negotiation and development, strategic sourcing, and identifiable cost saving and taks released essay other value add will be seen as necessary experience. But it goes without saying, that your track record in procurement will be verifiable by outlines successful outcomes, and examples aligned to this type of work. Because of the nature of this role, it is unlikely that without NZ experience you could succeed due to the knowledge you would need of the imperatives in taks released establishing this function. So, in summary, we're after someone with a great procurement experience within a larger and complex environment who is available for a new challenge. If you have applied to me before, please make contact again with your updated experience and availability. If you have this experience and you think this could be for you, then please send your CV and a cover letter to essay in sanskrit, me by clicking on taks essay, apply and following our registration process.

If you'd like more detail, then please call Kevin Chappell on 0295 974739. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY THOSE WITH NZ EXPERIENCE AND/OR THE RIGHT TO WORK IN NZ, WILL BE CONSIDERED. Exceptional and secure role with potential to essay outlines, grow. This role requires someone with multi-faceted experience across a wide range of categories so you can rove across a number of projects. Your prime responsibility will be to undertaking needs analyses from both what is happening internally, as well as in the market in general, and taks prompts develop strategies.

You will also ensure you maintain market intelligence and ensure all stakeholders are kept up-to-date with any changes to value essay, the relevant categories. You will then plan and execute the strategy and taks released prompts draft all documentation associated with the action plan, and essays online project manage the taks released, process. Included also is developing reports which identify savings and glass communicate this to appropriate stakeholders. Your leadership will be demonstrated by taking ownership of categories, supporting your broader team, and communicating the benefits to released essay, the organisation. Because of the on importance of education in sanskrit, diversity of stakeholders, you will need to have very strong relationship management skills, and excellent written communication skills that don't require checking! You will need relevant tertiary qualifications and ideally be CIPS qualified. A minimum of 5 years in mainstream procurement is essential, and experience in the wider supply chain field will be seen as advantageous, as will project management experience. Category planning, contract and supplier negotiation and development, strategic sourcing, and identifiable cost saving and other value add will be seen as necessary experience. But it goes without saying, that your track record in procurement will be verifiable by successful outcomes, and examples aligned to this type of taks released essay prompts, work. So, in summary, we're after someone with a great procurement experience within a larger and complex environment who is looking for a new challenge. If you have applied to me before, please make contact again with your updated experience and availability.

If you have this experience and you think this could be for you, then please send your CV and a cover letter to essays in australia, me by taks released essay prompts clicking on essay, apply and following our registration process. If you'd like more detail, then please call Kevin Chappell on 0295 974739. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY THOSE WITH NZ EXPERIENCE, OR A COMPARATIVE COMMERCIAL ENVIRONMENT SUCH AS THE UK, permanent role, but contract considered. This is a permanent role and released essay prompts requires someone who has been involved across a broad range of categories, as well as technology and IT categories, within large and essay on importance of education in sanskrit complex organisations, . Initially your task will be to achieve buy-in from all stakeholders and identify any barriers to achieving the desired goals. Released Essay Prompts! You will undertake a broad needs analysis from both what is of education in sanskrit, happening internally within each multi-site stakeholder, as well as in the market in general, and develop your category strategies. You will then plan and execute the strategy and draft all documentation associated with the action plan, get the approval to essay prompts, proceed, and manage the implementation of the strategy.

You'll lead from the front and ensure that all stakeholder are well briefed and communicate the benefits. Because of the diversity of stakeholders, you will need to essay glass menagerie, have very strong relationship management skills, excellent written communication skills, and the ability to present to the highest level of taks prompts, management. You will need relevant tertiary qualifications and ideally be CIPS qualified. Five Paragraph Essay Outlines! We cannot imagine anyone with less than 8-10 years in mainstream procurement, in particular in taks prompts procurement management, plus potentially experience in the wider supply chain field will have the capability to take in this task. Category planning, contract and best write essays supplier negotiation and development, strategic sourcing, and taks released prompts identifiable cost saving and glass other value add will be seen as necessary experience. Whilst not having staff reporting, this role has a similar level of competence as required for a leadership procurement role. It goes without saying, that your track record in procurement will be verifiable by successful outcomes, with a requirement to taks released essay, outline examples aligned to this type of work.

This is essay glass, a fantastic opportunity in an environment that is ripe for positive change, and primed for successful outcomes. If you have this experience and you think this could be for you, then please send your CV and a cover letter to me by clicking on apply and following our registration process. Taks Essay Prompts! If you'd like more detail, then please call Kevin Chappell on 0295 974739. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY THOSE WITH NZ EXPERIENCE, OR A COMPARATIVE COMMERCIAL ENVIRONMENT SUCH AS THE UK, AUSTRALIA, NORTH AMERICA, OR SOUTH AFRICA, WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS ROLE. talentnow! 2007-2017 (a division of Talent Group Ltd)

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acupuncture essay by Chris Sullivan. Keywords: acupuncture, moxibustion, acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Oriental Medicine, Chinese Medicine, needles, herbal medicine, qi, yin, yang, yellow emperor, China, TCM. Elucidated in the following paper are the basic processes of prompts acupuncture, a brief history of its development, as well as how it is viewed by paragraph outlines, Western medicine compared to its founding Confucian and Daoist philosophies. Unfortunately, this paper doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of essay acupuncture. The issue of qi and Yin-Yang theory is also vastly more complex than its brief relationship to acupuncture described below.

The details of Chinese history have a great significance not offered here, and other social and health arguments for and against acupuncture could comprise another entire paper of great length. Useful! The following sections will provide enough information for the curious reader to learn a bit about taks released what acupuncture is, where it comes from, and how it works. II. Scope and Purpose of the System. Acupuncture is an aspect of Chinese medicine, a holistic system of medicine, that began in China over for essays 2,000 years ago. The basic practice of taks released acupuncture “involves the insertion of thin, sterile, [and usually disposable] stainless steel needles into points of the body to a depth just below the skin.” [1] Upon insertion, a patient may feel a number of sensations ranging from best website write numbness to tingling or aching. “This sensation, which is not pain, is called deqi (pronounced dah-chee).” [2] The points at which the practitioner inserts the needles have been very carefully mapped. Today, there exist hundreds of acupoints located along meridians , pathways through which the life force, qi (pronounced chee), flows. The specific points chosen for needle insertion are determined through the mysterious practice of pulse diagnosis. The acupuncturist can feel “the flow of qi through each of the twelve major meridians.” [3] Other aspects of the diagnosis involve observation of a patient’s demeanor, skin, complexion, emotions, or body build. Acupuncturists who don’t speak English will have no discussion with their patient, while others may provide questionnaires or conduct thorough interviews. Released! Once the needles are inserted, the practitioner will occasionally move them to cause stimulation.

Treatment times last from a few seconds to forty minutes. The acupuncturist may stay with the patient during treatment, or leave the room allowing the patient to value of history essay relax or sleep. There are four other systems in Chinese medicine that are periodically used in addition to and/or in taks essay prompts conjunction with acupuncture. Outlines! Herbal medicine brings balance to the qi in three forms, the raw herb, a tablet or pill form for swallowing, and as an herbal extract for making tea. Moxibustion is the burning of mugwort on an acupoint to introduce heat into the treatment. Acupressure, or needle-less acupuncture is a massage of acupoints and taks released meridians to paragraph essay outlines stimulate qi. Taks Released Prompts! Finally, wires connected to needles provide electric stimulus during treatment. Acupuncture exists to make the glass menagerie patient feel better physically or emotionally.

Most popularly used to treat pain (chronic, surgical, arthritic, etc.); it has also proved successful as an essay prompts anesthetic during surgery. The traditional basis of acupuncture resides in Confucian and Daoist philosophies and the Yin-Yang Theory. In brief, yin and yang are opposing forces in the world, such as cold and warm. Yet, yin and in australia yang are inseparable and taks essay one can not exist without the write online other. In Chinese medicine, yin and yang combine to become the qi.

A person’s health is affected when there is an imbalance of qi in taks essay the body. Through the above described processes, acupuncture stimulates qi and restores natural balance to the body to bring about five paragraph outlines mental, physical, and emotional well-being. III. Authority Structure. Sources and Criteria of Valid Knowledge. Texts written hundreds and taks released essay prompts thousands of years ago are the true sources of useful for essays acupuncture knowledge. Some of the released prompts most important throughout history are as follows: · Ma Wang-dui scripts – As one of the three earliest texts of paragraph outlines Chinese medicine from the Han dynasty (206 BC to prompts 220 AD), it helped shed light on the theory and conceptualization of medicine at that time. · Nan Jing (The Classic of Difficult Issues) – It integrated “for the first time all aspects of useful words health care into the yin-yang and five-phase doctrines.” [4] Meridians are also elaborated upon taks released, and qi is a more prominent force. The greatest contribution of on importance in sanskrit this text was the taks released essay prompts development of pulse diagnosis. It is the second of the three earliest texts from the Han dynasty. · Huang Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine) – Considered the most important acupuncture text, the Nei Jing is comprised of useful two books, the Su Wen (Fundamental Questions) , a history of medical theory, and the Ling Shu (Spiritual Axis/Pivot) , an acupuncture manual. These books explained the theory of yin and essay yang in the body as well as developed the meridians, hundreds of five paragraph acupoints, and how the qi is released essay related to them.

It is the third of the best website essays three earliest texts from the taks Han dynasty. · Zhen Jiu Jia Yi Jing (The Systematic Classic of Acupuncture and Moxibustion) – Written by Huang-fu Mi in 282, this text emphasized disease prevention and healing techniques through acupuncture. Essay Menagerie! It took a prophylactic approach as well as mapped moxibustion points. · Zhen Jing Zhi Nan – Dou Han-jing’s publication of this text during the Song dynasty (960 to 1264) provided a description of acupuncture performed in accordance with calendar cycles. · Shi Si Jing Fa Hui (An Elucidation of the Fourteen Channels) – In 1341, Hua Shuo continued the released essay development and research of meridians and acupoints. · Zhen Jiu Da Quan – Xu Feng’s Ming dynasty text (1368 to 1643) continued calendar and body cycle acupuncture treatment research. · Zhen Jiu Ju Ying – Also during the Ming dynasty, Gao Wu “introduced the use of supplementing and draining acupoints.” [5] · Zhen Jiu Da Cheng – Yang Ji-zhou’s 1601 work continued to develop acupoints as well as reflect upon consensual medical theories in the Chinese community. · Ben Cao Gang Mu – Li Shi-zhen’s Ming dynasty text also looked at acupuncture from the view of the greater consensus. The process by linking words, which one went about obtaining knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in ancient times is not wholly clear. If someone had access to the texts described above, they could have learned on their own. This method seems highly unlikely.

The system is so deep and complicated that it would take someone years of study just to begin to grasp its concepts without aid, not to taks released essay mention being a well versed and able practitioner of the system. It is probable that aspiring acupuncturists were under the tutelage of a teacher or guru. There is evidence that this tutor was a member of the family and the trade was passed from words for essays generation to taks essay prompts generation, but there is in australia also support for the case that the person was the local medicine man who was believed to posses a special healing ability, teaching his craft to pupils who would carry it on. It is likely that both of these scenarios occurred. These people would instruct their students through means of textual study, demonstration and/or experimentation, and various spiritual practices in accordance with their belief of and adherence to prompts Confucian or Daoist principles. Institutions and Professional Structure. Not until 702 was the first school of Chinese medicine established, ironically, in Japan . Gradually, more and more schools were developed through present day, and thus the menagerie typical means for acquiring this knowledge is in prompts a formal classroom setting. One dramatic example was during the website write essays online Ming dynasty when great prosperity and sharing of knowledge led to the establishment of many schools across China , each unique and based on its own interpretation of popular theories and ideologies. In the 1950’s, as a result of need for health care, China established schools that incorporated aspects of Chinese and Western medicine through a “standardized curricula… (teaching) basic biomedical sciences, traditional pharmacotherapy, and acupuncture.” [6] This marked the beginning of a regulated interrelation between the two systems of taks essay prompts medicine.

The World Health Organization continued this trend when it sponsored a series of programs in the 1970’s that caused a great movement by physicians to go to China to learn about acupuncture. Its success led to similar programs elsewhere for non-physicians. Today most states in value of history essay the U.S. require certification or licensing for released essay acupuncture now. For example, in the U.S. in 1996, twenty two states licensed acupuncturists, twelve limited their licensing to MD’s and DO’s, eight allowed it under the supervision of five a physician, and the rest had no regulations. This is typical of many other countries as well. Beginning in China over two thousand years ago, acupuncture is one of the most ancient medical systems still in practice today. The seeds of acupuncture were planted during the Middle and Late Zhou dynasties (772 BC to 221 BC), when its founding philosophies, Confucianism and Daoism, arose. The Qin dynasty (221 BC to 206 BC) provided no medical progress due to released prompts political and civil unrest, but the Han dynasty (206 BC to useful linking for essays 220 AD) was the opposite. During this time three “primary” texts of acupuncture, the Ma Wang-dui scripts , the Nan Jing , and the Huang Di Nei Jing were published. (*Note: More details on each book, school, or other source of acupuncture is described in taks released essay prompts more detail in Section III.) The body was now seen in terms of the interdependence of its organ systems and how the flow of for essays qi through those systems was essential in maintaining health and released essay well being.

By the end of the paragraph essay Han dynasty, Chinese medicine and acupuncture were in full bloom. The following centuries brought varying periods of advancement and decline in acupuncture. The introduction of released essay prompts Buddhism to value China (220 to 589) caused political strife. The religion had little influence on acupuncture and the system continued to develop, most notably, Huang-fu Mi’s Zhen Jiu Jia Yi Jing. The ability to heal through acupuncture was being realized and qi, in relation to diagnosis and released essay acupoint choices, was also further researched. The popularity and success of the system caused its spread into Korea , Vietnam , and Japan . The Sui dynasty (590 to 617) saw the medicine man Sun Si-miao combine “Daoism and Buddhist theory with that of systematic correspondence” [7] to create measurement techniques to describe acupoint positions that are still used today.

Despite economic well being, the emperors of the Tang dynasty (618 to 906) were more interested in alchemy, astrology, and the search for five paragraph essay the elixir of immortality. Thus medicine saw little advance other than a new edition of the Huang Di Nei Jing . The spread of acupuncture to Nara , Japan did result in the first Imperial medical college during this time though. Taks Released! After fifty years of decline, the Song dynasty (960 to 1264), marked by Neo-Confucianism, brought a renewed view of qi as well as rigorous study of the Nan Jing . Essay Menagerie! The greatest text from this period was Dou Han-jing’s Zhen Jing Zhi Nan , which expanded upon essay, the second edition Huang Di Nei Jing . The Mongol ruler Genghis Khan governed China during the linking words for essays Yuan dynasty (1264 to 1368). Despite this, flow of philosophical and medical knowledge was not hindered, and taks essay thus acupuncture continued to grow in the form of Hua Shuo’s Shi Si Jing Fa Hui . The Ming dynasty (1368 to 1643) retook China and wide spread education and knowledge prevailed. More books were available than ever before and online medical schools were established across the empire.

Due to abundant knowledge, acupuncture experienced its first criticism from prompts other systems and menagerie philosophies. This criticism was great enough to cause a slight decline in its popularity. However, it did not prevent new research. Xu Feng published Zhen Jiu Da Quan and Zhen Jiu Ji Ying was written by Gao Wu. The most important work was Yang Ji-zhou’s Zhen Jiu Da Cheng . Along with Li Shi-zhen’s Ben Cao Gang Mu , it comprised “the most comprehensive medical volumes of Chinese medical knowledge before modern times.” [8] The Qing dynasty (1644 to 1911) was the final dynasty in China . Though under Manchurian rule, these three peaceful centuries were nothing but decline due to numerous circumstances. The peace broke out in essay rebellion in the 19 th century due to essays on multiculturalism in australia food shortages, leading to the formation of the Chinese Republic . Taks Released Essay! Acupuncture and Chinese medicine fared similarly. Strong Western influences and the lack of any new developments caused people to on importance of education in sanskrit give up on traditional medicine. A few “traditionalists” attempted to revive it under the Han-Xue movement, but by 1930 were unsuccessful. In fact, in 1929, “registration of traditional doctors was ceased, and an announcement was made by the Ministry of Health proposing the abolishment of traditional medicine altogether.” [9] After World War II, Chinese medicine made its come back out of necessity. The People’s Republic of China had millions of people in need of health care and only about 40,000 Western physicians.

But, 500,000 people trained in traditional medicine also existed. An agreement was reached during the 1950’s to set up traditional medical schools that would incorporate aspects of taks prompts Western medical science. Linking! From this arose the use of acupuncture as an anesthetic in taks released Western medicine during surgery. In the 1970’s, the World Health Organization sponsored acupuncture programs, facilitating its rebirth. Thousands of people every year obtain Chinese medicine and acupuncture licensing or certification where it is available and usually required. After such a long and difficult history, acupuncture finds its greatest popularity and success in the modern era. This is a tribute to the strength of the system, while steeped in tradition and strong philosophical beliefs, it is still flexible and accepting enough to of education in sanskrit new ideas to ensure its survival for another two thousand years.

V. Representative Examples of released Argumentation. Ever since the initial meeting between Western and Chinese medicine, there have been varying degrees of conflict and criticism between them. Most argumentation revolves around how it works internally. The supporters of essays in australia Confucian and Daoist beliefs defend acupuncture in the following manner. Released Essay Prompts! As a holistic system, Chinese medicine focuses on the body as a whole rather than what is being directly affected by the ailment. According to these philosophies, “in the essay glass beginning there is the released essay prompts Great Ultimate ( T’ai-chi ). It engenders yin and yang…” [10] Often considered the most important concept of Chinese medicine, the Yin-Yang Theory encompasses the world. “All things in the universe are either yin or yang. However, there are no absolutes: nothing is ever all yin or all yang, but a balance between the two forces.” [11] Two examples from the Huang Di Nei Jing illustrate this concept very well: Day gives way to essay on importance of education night, night to day; a time of light and activity (Yang) is taks essay prompts followed by darkness and rest (Yin)… Yin/Yang is a constant, continual flow through which everything is expressed on the one hand and recharged on the other.

They are an value inseparable couple. Their proper relationship is taks essay prompts health; a disturbance in this relationship is disease. [12] The yin-yang symbol is also another good example of the essay menagerie relationship between the two. The white half is yin and the dark is yang, but the circle of yang in the yin half and taks the circle of yin in the yang half symbolize how one can never be without the other. Yin and yang are also commonly associated with opposite entities or characteristics, for example: yin is female, night, moist, and while yang is male, day, dry, and value essay hot, just to name a few. The last sentence in taks essay prompts the selection above from the Huang Di Nei Jing demonstrates the of history essay yin-yang relationship to Chinese medicine.

It translates in prompts such a way that “nature and laws that govern the natural world are used to help us understand the inner world, the world of the body. The person is seen as a microcosm of a holographic universe.” [13] Like the world is characterized by yin and yang, so too are opposing parts of the of education body. These concepts are the taks essay fundamentals of qi. Yin and yang together make up qi in the body, thus an imbalance in either of these energies creates an imbalance in one’s qi, which leads to best write online sickness, pain, or injury. Thus, “every treatment modality is taks released prompts aimed at menagerie one of these four strategies: To eliminate excess Yang. To eliminate excess Yin.” [14] As stated, the qi is the essay prompts vital life force that flows through the body. “Qi is derived from two main sources: the air we breathe and the food we eat.” [15] It affects all organs, tissues, structures, and fluids. Qi can stagnate, or become imbalanced for any number of reasons: emotional problems, excess heat or cold, mechanical injury, etc. Through acupuncture treatments, the practitioner is ultimately affecting the qi to heal the patient. On the other hand, Western medicine tends to explain the inner workings of acupuncture based on five primary theories: “Augmentation of on importance in sanskrit Immunity” Theory – Acupuncture raises levels of hormones, white blood cells, triglycerides, globulins, and other anti-bodies. “Endorphin” Theory – Endorphin levels are raised through treatment. “Neurotransmitter” Theory – Treatments affect neurotransmitter levels such as serotonin. “Circulatory” Theory – Acupuncture can control vasodilation and vasoconstriction. “Gate Control” Theory – This popular theory states that nerves, when stimulated enough, will shut down.

The smaller nerves being those that shut down first. Nerves relaying pain signals tend to be smaller, and therefore acupuncture is taks temporarily shutting them down. After examining both sides of the issue, people will still ask why these reasons work to heal. When it comes down to it, most people after trying it will be satisfied with the five paragraph essay outlines reason: It just does! From a personal perspective, I have received acupuncture four times for chronic lower back pain. Three of those times were performed by an elderly Chinese man, Dr.

Bill Tseng, and each a success. The fourth time it was performed by a young white man, Dr. Rick Woodward, and essay prompts it had no effect. Value Essay! When I told Dr. Tseng about Dr. Woodward’s treatment, he said that “sometimes a white practitioner will be too tentative with the needles and not apply enough stimulation because they are afraid they will injure the patient. This is a result of essay prompts them not understanding the body and how the systems work.” By “understanding the body and how the systems work,” I took Dr. Tseng to be a believer in the qi and yin-yang (Chinese heritage not withstanding).

Ironically, when asked about this issue, his reply was: “They just didn’t know what to call a nerve 1,000 years ago.” On the other hand, when the same question was put to Dr. Woodward, he emphatically described his belief in qi and ancient philosophies. This experience with these doctors has not only shown me that people will take unexpected positions in their support of of history how acupuncture works, but also that it doesn’t matter who one is, as long as the essay results are good and they believe in it, then acupuncture is online a legitimate solution to taks released prompts medical concerns. VI. Suggested Position in Comparative Scales. The following section hopes to “rate” acupuncture on a set of scales from value of history essay 1 to 10 in hopes of essay prompts facilitating its comparison to other types of magical, scientific, or religious systems. a. Relative emphasis on. traditional authority testimony of experience. 1 2 3 4 5 5.5 6 7 8 9 10. I judge this at a 5.5 because this category has to be examined from two sides, practitioner and patient.

For the most part, the acupuncturist’s authority on the system comes from some kind of traditional source whether it is his schooling, either Western or Chinese, or his faith. On the other hand, most patients’ belief in best essays acupuncture is through personal experience. centralization of authority decentralization of authority. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Today, the majority of acupuncture education takes place in prompts a formal, educational setting of some type and a practitioner is required to be licensed in most areas. But, due to for essays the long history of and occasional continued decentralized teaching, I will score this category with a 4. c. Relative emphasis on. Essay Prompts! invisible/spiritual/heavenly realities material/earthly realities. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Many people know and understand acupuncture as a system of medicine and do not realize the essay on importance in sanskrit religious philosophies that are its founding traditions. Practitioners are in part to blame for this because they will often advertise their skill as means for healing, which is released essay prompts not untrue, but not the essays on multiculturalism entire picture. The other object of blame is taks released essay acupuncture’s continuing integration with Western medicine, which is wholly focused on earthly realities.

Thus, I believe a 7 is appropriate. Best Essays Online! spiritual/moral objectives pragmatic objectives. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. This category follows from the released essay previous, and five outlines a 9 is in order as most acupuncture treatments today aim for immediate, concrete healing goals. Though, there are the instances of acupuncture being used in conditions such as alcoholism which could be viewed as a moral objective. e. Most power or agency. reserved for a divine being realizable in individuals. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. In Confucian and Daoist beliefs there is no divine being. There is a “higher power” that may be thought of as divine, but no single entity. This “higher power” is what the qi and taks prompts yin-yang stem from, but these are completely accessible to practitioner and patient for healing and to be healed, thus a 10. Huang Di Nei Jing , 2 nd or 1 st century BC.

The first and official book of acupuncture from ancient times. Essays On Multiculturalism In Australia! Tseng, Bill, L.Ac. Interview. Released Prompts! Alamo Acupuncture, San Antonio , Texas . January 2003. Acupuncturist whom I received 3 treatments from and conducted semiformal interviews with during those times. Woodward, Rick, L.Ac. Interview.

Aspen, Co. December 2003. Acupuncturist whom I received treatment from and conducted a semiformal interviews with during that time. Brief essay on the basics of acupressure. Essay on basics of many aspects of the acupuncture system. Chan, Wing-Tsit. A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy . Princeton , New Jersey : Princeton University Press, 1963. One of the on multiculturalism selections from our class reading, helped with understanding of yin-yang and qi. Cho, Hun Young. Oriental Medicine, A Modern Interpretation . Korea , 1934. Helped explain aspects of acupuncture through clarification of many selections from various primary sources.

Collinge, William, The American Holistic Health Association Complete Guide to Alternative Medicine . Prompts! New York , New York : Warner Books, 1996. Explained acupuncture in useful words the setting of taks released its role in Chinese Medicine as well as helped to relate it to other aspects of the system. Essay on the nature of qi. On Multiculturalism! Essay on essay, the history of glass menagerie acupuncture and Chinese medicine as it developed in China . Released Essay Prompts! Very informative essay on qi’s relationship to other bodily fluids. Basics of glass menagerie acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Veith, Ilza – translator.

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine . Los Angeles , California : University of California Press, 1972. A modern translation of the primary text book of acupuncture. Essay on yin-yang theory. [1] AHHA Guide to Alternative Medicine , pg. Taks Released Essay Prompts! 30. [2] Acupuncture: A Brief Introduction , [3] AHHA Guide to Alternative Medicine , pg. Website Write! 27. [4] Understanding Acupuncture , pg. 18. [5] The History of Acupuncture , [6] The History of Acupuncture ,

[7] The History of Acupuncture , [8] The History of Acupuncture , [9] The History of Acupuncture , [10] A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy , pg. 263.

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When a Maths Curse is a Good Curse! In one of taks, my previous posts I wrote about the essay, use of children’s literature to encourage rich mathematical investigations and essay improve student engagement with mathematics. One of words for essays, my favourite books, Math Curse by John Szieska and taks essay prompts Lane Smith, is described in the blog post as a great way to engage reluctant learners. Even better, Math Curse encourages children (and their teachers) to see the mathematics that is embedded in every aspect of our lives. In this post I am going to essay menagerie, share some student work from a Grade 3 classroom. In this classroom, the teacher read the book to the students before challenging them create their own class maths curse.

The children took their own photographs, and working in small groups, they came up with a range of taks prompts, mathematical problems and investigations, which they then gave to other groups to solve. Here are some of the photos with their accompanying questions: If one of the beyblades spins for 2 minutes and 31 seconds and the other one spins for 1 minute and essay on importance of education in sanskrit 39 seconds what is the difference between the two times? If one of the beyblades spins for taks essay prompts, 1 minute and 1 second and menagerie another spins for 78 seconds, which beyblade spun for the longest and by how long? If there are 31 people in the class (10 boys and 21 girls) and essay prompts all of them have hair that is 30cm long. Half of the boys cut 10cm off their hair, the other half cut 20cm off their hair. How long is the classes hair now altogether? How long was it before?

How much hair has been cut altogether? Check your friend’s hair. Estimate how long it is best website write online, when it is out, how long it is when it is in a ponytail, and how long it is when it is in a braid. Taks Released Essay Prompts. List some different ways you could check if your estimate is accurate? What are the potential problems with your methods? I’m 9 years old. I had really long hair for 6 years, then I cut it. In Australia. How long did I have short hair for?

I have 5 friends that are girls and 2 friends that are boys. All 5 girls have hair length of released essay, 50cm. The boys both have different lengths of hair. The 1st boy has 30cm of hair, the second has 25cm of essay on importance of education in sanskrit, hair. What is the difference between the 1st boy and taks prompts the girls and the 2nd boy and the girls? Write down the dates of for essays, important celebrations. If you add all the taks released essay prompts, dates together, what is the value of their numbers? How many days are there in 6 years?

If everyone’s birthday occurred every three years (starting the year you are born) what years would your birthday fall on? If Lisa and useful for essays Jane went on a holiday every 2 months, how many holidays could they take in a year? If you could rearrange the seasons, what months would you choose to be Spring? Why? What is the most popular letter in the days of the months?

Why do you think there are 4 seasons in a year? From Problem Solving to released essay prompts, Problem Posing. What is the purpose of getting students to write mathematical problems? First of all, the problems give us good insight into whether students recognise mathematical situations, and whether they understand where, how, and what mathematics is applied in day to day situations. An added bonus is that the students are highly engaged because they have ownership of the mathematics they are generating, the topics they choose are of interest to them, and stereotypical perceptions of school mathematics are disrupted. The students who wrote the examples above completed a structured written reflection following the value of history essay, sequence of designing and solving each others’ maths curses. Here are some of reflection prompts and a sample of responses: “working at the problems for a long time and then finally getting them after a long, hard discussion” “solving questions that my friends wrote” “I felt challenged and I learnt more about what maths is” “working with my group, choosing our own questions and learning something new” “I liked the chess card the best because we had to solve it together and use problem solving” “having a go at tricky questions even if i got them wrong” “how to work things out in different ways” “working in groups helps you learn more skills” “not every question uses just one skill like addition, division, multiplication or subtraction” “when I am challenged I learn more” “Everyone in the group has different responses so we needed proof to figure out the right one” “It surprised me how hard my own questions were” “I didn’t know that we could come up with so many interesting questions” “I got a shock! We had to research to solve some problems, Adam even taught me how to taks released essay prompts, add a different way” “It was hard but if we put our brains into gear we could figure it out” “I was able to essay glass, play while doing maths” Using activities such as this provides multiple benefits for students.

Contextualising the mathematics using students’ interests highlights the relevance of the curriculum, improves student engagement, and makes mathematics meaningful, fun and engaging! Setting Your Child up for Success with Maths: Tips for Parents. As a new school year approaches, many parents are busy preparing their children to ensure they have the things they need to be successful. School uniforms, books, pens and pencils are important, but what’s even more important is the preparation and support parents can provide to help children succeed academically. Late in 2016 there were reports from international testing that Australia continues to slip further behind in mathematics when compared to other countries. So, what can you do about this? Relying on teachers alone won’t fix the problem. Essay Prompts. There are many things parents can and paragraph should do to help their children learn mathematics, particularly before they begin school and during the primary school years. The following is a list of tips for parents that will help them to help their children succeed: May people openly claim they don’t like maths or they’re not good at it, unintentionally conveying the message that this is okay.

Unfortunately, this can have a detrimental effect on the children who hear these messages. In my research on student engagement, children whose parents made similar comments often used the same comments as mathematics became more challenging during the high school years. These behaviours can lead to children opting to taks released essay, stop trying and drop out of mathematics as soon as they can, ultimately limiting their life choices. As a parent, be conscious of displaying positive attitudes towards mathematics, even when it’s challenging. Adopting what is referred to best website write essays online, as a ‘growth mindset’ allows children (and parents) to acknowledge that mathematics is taks essay, challenging, but not impossible. Rather than saying “I can’t do it” or “it’s too hard”, encourage statements such as “I can’t do it yet” or “let’s work on essay this together”. If you’re struggling with the mathematics yourself, and finding it difficult to support your child, there are options such as free online courses like Jo Boaler’s YouCubed website (, apps such as Khan Academy, or you can seek help from their child’s teacher. If you choose to use a tutor to help your child, make sure it’s a tutor who knows how to teach for released essay prompts, understanding, rather than memorisation. Too often tutoring colleges use the traditional teaching method of on multiculturalism, drill and practice, which won’t help a struggling student to understand important mathematical concepts. Find a tutor who understands the curriculum and taks released essay prompts can tailor a program to work alongside what your child is learning at school. Developing a positive working relationship with teachers.

It’s important for parents to work with their child’s teacher to ensure they are able to support the learning of mathematics. This will help the teacher understand the child’s needs and be better able to paragraph essay outlines, support the child in the classroom, while at the same time helping the parents support the child at home. Often schools hold information evenings or maths workshops to help explain current teaching methods with few parents turning up. It’s important to attend these events as they are a good opportunity to learn ways to help children with mathematics at home. Mathematics teaching and learning has changed significantly over the last few decades. Unfortunately, many of the older generations still expect children to be learning the taks released, same maths in useful for essays the same way, regardless of how much the released prompts, world has changed! Access to the mathematics curriculum is free to everyone.

Parents have the opportunity to find out what their child should be learning simply by accessing the glass, curriculum online, or talking to their child’s teacher. This can help parents who may have unrealistic expectations of what their child should know and be able to do, and will also help them understand that mathematics is taks released essay prompts, not just about numbers or learning the multiplication tables. One of the most common complaints when it comes to for essays, school mathematics is that children don’t ‘know’ their multiplication tables. Is this important? Yes, it’s still important that children gain fluency when dealing with numbers.

However, it’s also important that we don’t just rely on taks released prompts rote learning, or repetition. Children need to understand how the numbers work. In other words, they need to be numerate, and essays on multiculturalism in australia have a flexibility with numbers. Once they understand, then fluency can be built. Using maths games (there are lots of apps that help with this) is a good way of getting children to taks released essay, build up speed with number facts. Bring maths into daily conversations and activities with your child. Value Of History Essay. After all, there’s maths in everything we do.

For example, if you’re cooking you might ask your child to help you measure out ingredients. If you’re shopping, you could have a little competition to taks released, see who can make the paragraph, best estimation of the taks essay, total grocery bill or perhaps ask your child to work out the amount of five paragraph outlines, change (this may be challenging given that we use credit cards most of the time). If your child likes to play digital games, download some maths apps so they can use their screen time to learn while having fun at the same time. Alternatively, traditional games can provide opportunities to talk about maths and help your child. Taks Essay. Games that use dominoes and playing cards are great for essay outlines, young children as are board games such as Snakes and taks released prompts Ladders or Monopoly. Even non-numerical games such as Guess Who have benefits for mathematics because the promote problem solving and essays strategic thinking, important mathematical skills. Parents who can work with their child’s teacher, be proactive in their child’s education, and demonstrate positive attitudes towards mathematics can make a big difference to their child’s success at school. It’s an investment worth making. Making mathematics relevant: Putting the taks released prompts, ‘home’ back into homework. I wrote this post a couple of glass menagerie, years ago and released prompts it was published on the UWS 21st Century Learning Blog and a slightly modified version was republished in the online journal, Curriculum Leadership.

I am republishing it again here as I think the message is as important as ever! The start of a new school year is a perfect time to reflect on and perhaps make adjustments to the pedagogical practices we use in our day-to-day teaching of mathematics. Website Write Online. If our goal is to produce successful learners of mathematics and taks essay students who choose to continue the menagerie, study of mathematics beyond the released essay, mandatory years, then we need to ensure our students are engaged and motivated to learn both within and beyond the useful, classroom. Taks Released. The purpose of this post is to argue that if we need to set mathematics homework, it should reflect ‘best’ practice and should provide students with opportunities to value, extend their learning in essay ways that highlight the relevance of mathematics in value of history their lives outside school while practising and taks released prompts applying mathematical concepts learned within the classroom. The pedagogical practices employed within mathematics classrooms cover a broad spectrum that ranges from essay on importance in sanskrit ‘traditional’, text book based lessons, to more contemporary constructivist approaches that include rich problem solving and investigation based lessons, or a combination of both. Released Prompts. When asked to recall a typical mathematics lessons, many people cite a traditional, teacher-centred approach in which a routine of teacher demonstration, student practice using multiple examples from a text book and then further multiple, text book generated questions are provided for homework (Even Tirosh, 2008; Goos, 2004; Ricks, 2009). Traditional, teacher-centred approaches have been found to result in glass menagerie low levels of motivation and prompts engagement among students (Boaler, 2009), and essay glass although there is an abundance of taks essay, research that promotes a more constructivist, student-centred approach, one study found traditional practices continue to dominate, occurring more often than student-centred approaches in essays on multiculturalism in australia mathematics education (McKinney, Cappell, Berry, Hickman, 2009).

If many teachers are continuing to taks prompts, teach in such way, then it is likely that many set mathematics homework that continues to be repetitious and merely a provision of further practice of best essays online, concepts learned during lessons. While it is critical that students are provided with many opportunities to practice mathematical concepts learned at taks released, school, perhaps we need to consider how homework can be structured so that it is essay, motivating, engaging, challenging, and most importantly, relevant. Taks Released Prompts. One of the words, most common complaints from students with regard to mathematics education is the lack of relevance to their lives outside the school. It is an expectation of today’s students that learning is meaningful and makes sense to them (Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, 2009; NSW Department of Education and Training, 2003). Essay Prompts. There needs to be a directional shift in the way we establish relevance and applicability in mathematical engagement because the on importance of education, type of mathematics that students use outside school is often radically different in content and approach to the mathematics they encounter in school (Lowrie, 2004).

Homework provides the perfect opportunity for students to make connections between school mathematics and ‘home’ mathematics. So what would motivating, engaging, challenging and relevant mathematics homework look like? That all depends on you and your imagination! When I was a Year 6 classroom teacher, one of the most popular homework activities amongst my students was based on Tony Ryan’s Thinker’s Keys. Students would be provided with a range of taks released prompts, activities that included an element of choice. Each activity was much more creative than a typical mathematics task yet provided challenge for students and an opportunity for essay, them to taks released essay prompts, apply their understandings of essays, mathematical concepts. For example, in a range of essay, activities based on multiplication and division, one of the tasks, the Question Key, required students to essay outlines, respond to the following prompt: How is multiplication related to division? Write an explanation appropriate for a Year 4 child.

Use an example to show how multiplication is related to division. The Brainstorming Key required students to taks essay, make links to five paragraph outlines, real-life: Brainstorm examples of everyday situations that require you to use multiplication and division. Record your responses in a mind map. Another great idea for homework with younger students is to have them take photographs of their home environment that directly relate to the mathematics being learned at school. Released Prompts. For example, in a study of 3D objects, students could photograph and label 3D objects found in their homes. Students could draw floor plans of their homes when learning about scale, position, area and perimeter.

At a higher level, students could solve real-life problems that require the application of essay of education, a number of mathematical concepts such as selecting the best mobile phone plan, comparison of household bills, budgeting, etc. How much work would be involved in planning this type of homework? One approach to planning homework tasks would be to work within stage/grade teams to design a bank of tasks that could be re-used from one year to another. As with many things, once you begin to plan and design rich homework tasks, it gets easier. Often ideas also come from the students. Consider tasks that vary in length from released quick, one-day homework tasks to longer term tasks that may take two or three weeks from students to complete. Also consider your priority: quality or quantity? How hard would it be to essays on multiculturalism, assess and provide feedback on homework tasks? If we expect students to engage with and taks released prompts complete their mathematics homework, then we must provide constructive feedback. Five Paragraph Outlines. In my previous research on student engagement with mathematics, some students were frustrated when their teacher did not mark homework: “If they don’t give you feedback then you don’t know if you’re doing it right or wrong, or if you need improving or anything.” Marking and providing feedback on essay homework should not be viewed as a burden but rather a critical part of the teaching and learning process.

The way feedback is delivered depends on the nature of the task. Finally, when setting homework, we need to reflect on our purpose for doing so. Essays In Australia. Are we doing it to taks released essay prompts, keep the parents happy and the students busy, or do we want to support students’ learning in a seamless link between school and home, providing opportunities for students to apply concepts in real-world situations? Australian Association of five paragraph essay outlines, Mathematics Teachers. Released Prompts. (2009). Words. School mathematics for the 21st century: Some key influences. Adelaide, S.A.: AAMT Inc. Boaler, J. (2009). Taks Prompts. The elephant in the classroom: Helping children learn and love maths . Paragraph Essay. London: Souvenir Press Ltd. Even, R., Tirosh, D. (2008). Teacher knowledge and understanding of students’ mathematical learning and thinking. In L. D. English (Ed.), Handbook of international research in essay mathematics education (2nd ed., pp.

202-222). New York: Routledge. Goos, M. (2004). Learning mathematics in a classroom community of essay of education, inquiry. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 35 (4), 258-291.

Lowrie, T. (2004, 4-5 December). Making mathematics meaningful, realistic and personalised: Changing the released prompts, direction of relevance and applicability. On Importance Of Education In Sanskrit. Paper presented at the Mathematical Association of Victoria Annual Conference 2004: Towards Excellence in Mathematics, Monash University, Clayton, Vic. McKinney, S., Cappell, S., Berry, R. Essay. Q., Hickman, B. T. (2009). An examination of the essay glass, instructional practices of taks released prompts, mathematics teachers in urban schools. Five Paragraph Essay Outlines. Preventing School Failure, 53 (4), 278-284. NSW Department of Education and Training. (2003). Quality Teaching in NSW Public Schools. Released Prompts. Sydney: Professional Support and Curriculum Directorate. Ricks, T. Value Of History. E. (2009).

Mathematics is motivating. The Mathematics Educator, 19 (2), 2-9.

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Essay on Marxian Concept of Classless Society. Essay on Marxian Concept of Classless Society – Karl Marx has been regarded as the champion of communism and an advocate of “classless society.” Marxism is often known as “a philosophy of social revolution.” Marx never aspired for a revolution just for the sake of a revolution. He wanted to establish an egalitarian society known for equality and social coherence. He intended to taks released prompts see a “classless society” free from all types of exploita­tions. He believed that the class struggle would help the establishment of such a society. It is in this context, the nature of the classless society and the manner of establishing it assumes importance. A brief analysis of the Marxian notion of classless society is of education, provided here. Classless Society: A Dream of taks released prompts, Marx : In the Marxian thought, the concept of “classless society” remains as a figment of imagination of paragraph, Marx. A classless society devoid of all kinds of taks, exploitation and conflicts is value, only imaginary. Such a type of society never existed in the past, nor do we find it today.

Marx, who had a deep historical insight, was quite aware of this. Image Source: In spite of this awareness, Marx was cherishing such a dream in his mind. Marx, who had seen the pitiable lot of the workers in the initial stages of the Industrial Revolu­tion, was helplessly aspiring for a classless society. Marx was sufficiently aware of the Existence of Classes : “Classless society” means a society without the antagonistic classes or strata. It means a society in which the classes with opposing interests such as the land-owners and the landless, workers and management, freemen and slaves, the taks released, rich and on multiculturalism in australia, the poor, exploiters and the exploited, capitalists and labourers, etc. are not found. Such a type of society never existed in the past. The very statement of Marx – “The history of the hitherto existing society is the history of the taks essay prompts, class struggles’ makes it evident that he knew that classes had been in existence from the five essay outlines, very beginning of history. Circumstances Favouring the released, Emergence of “Classless Society” : As Marx stated, when the human society in essay menagerie, its historical development reaches the capitalistic stage of production it gets divided into only two classes namely capitalist class [or the Bourgeoisie] and the working class [or the taks released essay prompts, proletariats]. Value Of History! The former one is the “exploiting class” while the latter is the “exploited” one. Their interests always clash and conflict arises.

It is this class conflict which is always responsible for social movements and revolutions. When the class conflict reaches its final stage the workers gain upper hand in it. They become victorious in this struggle and establish their regime. In the initial stages “the dictatorship of the released, proletariat” will be established and thereafter it prepares the way for the transformation of the society. This transformation finally culminates in the establishment of the classless society. Capitalist System is sure to fall – Marx : Marx was of the opinion that the capitalist system would not last long because it is sowing the seeds of best website essays, its own destruction. Taks Released Essay Prompts! Hence Marx felt that “The prophecy of capitalism is the prophecy of doom or despair.” About the useful for essays, whole system of capitalism Coser said, “Thus, the capitalist system enlarges the number of workers, brings them together into compact groups, makes them class conscious, supplies them with means of inter-communication on a world-wide scale, reduces their purchasing power, and by increasingly exploiting them, arouses them to organised resistance.” Marx wanted such an imperfect system to go at the earliest. Hence he gave a call for the workers to put an end to it. Taks Released! Hence his clarion calls: “workers of the whole world unite, you have nothing to lose, but your chains, you have a world to win.” Marx was very sure of the essay of education, fall of the capitalist system.

Hence he wrote in the “Communist Manifesto”: “The Bourgeoisie produces its own grave-diggers. The fall of the Bourgeoisie and released, the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable.” Establishment of the Classless “Communist” Society : When man has become aware of his loss, of his alienation, as a universal non-human situation, it will be possible for him to proceed to a radical transformation of paragraph, his situation by a revolution. This revolution will be the prelude to the establishment of prompts, communism and essay, the reign of liberty reconquered. “In the place of old Bourgeoisie society with its classes and class antagonisms, there will be an association in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.” The Classless society, then in taks, the Marxist thought, refers to “the ultimate condition of social organisation, expected to occur when true communism is achieved. The classless society is thus the final phase of communism where there will be no classes and for essays, no class conflicts.

As per the imagination of Marx, in the communist society, that is going to be established after the revolution, the essay prompts, needs of the individuals will be taken proper care. The working principle of the commu­nist society would be: “From each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs.” This type of society provides opportunities which make the people feel that the entire society is at the back of everyone, because it is based on another noble principle namely: “All for each and each for all.” Political Principles of the Classless Society : What is the role of the state in a classless society -? This question is very significant in linking, the Marxian thought. This question has given rise to confusions, disputes, controversies, and embarrasments within the circle of the communists or the Marxists. Marx was very much pessimistic about the state and had contempt for released essay its role. He considered it nothing but the “organised means of value essay, violence.” According to Marx, “the state represents the dominant class in the society.” The state which is taks, based on exploitation aims to protect the interests of the rich and of the ruling class. About the role of the state Engels writes: Arising out of class contradictions, “the state becomes the state of the most powerful class; the class which rules in the economics and with its aid becomes also the class which rules in politics and thus acquires new means of holding down and exploiting the oppressed class.” It is thus clear that the communists themselves regard the state as an instrument of exploitation. Essay Menagerie! Then, what is to be done with the released essay, state now-?

The “Withering away” of the State in the Socialist Society: The state in its historical development has always stood with the ruling class protecting its interests. Hence Engels stated that socialism should aim at not only removing the classes but also the on multiculturalism, state. “After the class struggle has resulted in the victory of the proletariat and taks, the establishment of linking words for essays, a socialist society, however there will be no further need for taks released essay such a repressive institution; theoretically, the state then, is expected to “wither away.” All that is needed is five paragraph essay, that the workers should unite and hasten the essay, process of the revolution which will ultimately make the state disappear. It is believed that after the five paragraph essay, proletarian revolution “the dictatorship of the proletariat” will bring about social and economic justice; then there will be no thesis, anti-thesis and essay prompts, class-war. One man will not exploit another man, and one class will not exploit another class. Thus the ground will be prepared for the disappearance of the on importance, state. “The complete disappearance of the state marks the zenith of “Marxian socialism.” “The State is not abolished, it withers Away”: In the words of Engels, “the state is not abolished, it withers away.” He writes: “The society that will reorganise production on prompts the basis of the free and equal association of the producers will put the essay in sanskrit, machinery of the state where it will then belong: into the museum of antiquities by the side of the spinning wheel and the bronze axe. Transformation of Socialism into Communism under the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” : Though the ultimate aim of the released essay, revolution is to establish a classless society, the proletariats are going to establish their dictatorship for some time.

This dictatorship which will prevail for a short period will act to transform socialism into communism. In this transitional period, it will seize and centralise means of transport and communication. Useful Words For Essays! In the temporary phase, labour will be paid accord­ing to work, but the ultimate aim is to realise the principle “from each according to his ability and to each according to taks his need.” The dictatorship of the proletariat will protect the needs of the glass, working class and provide it socio-economic justice. Thus, “under the loving care of the dictatorship of the released prompts, proletariat, socialism will blossom into communism. Main Economic Principles of the Classless Society : As it is in sanskrit, stated, in the final phase of communism classless social system will appear. In such a social system there will be “one single form of public ownership of the means of production and full equality of all members of society. Under it, the all-round development of people will be accompa­nied by the growth of the productive forces through continuous progress in science and technol­ogy.” In a communist society “the ability of each person will be employed to the greatest benefit of all the people.”

The classless society is essay, one in which all the major industries, commercial establishments, banks, transport and communication systems will be collectively owned and their profits collectively shared. An increase in production or wealth or property will never result in an increase in inequality, but will add to the prosperity of all. Medical, educational, commercial, banking, transport, communication and other facilities are made equally available for all. Of History! Their main motto will be “service” and not “profit making.” All landed property will be in the ownership of the society and cultivation will be carried out on co-operative basis. In the whole economic field there will be no scope for exploitation of any kind. Society Meeting the Requirements of the People : Classless society ensures uninterrupted progress of society and provides for taks released essay all the members material and cultural benefits according to their growing needs. For Essays! People’s requirements will be satisfied from public sources. Articles of personal use will be in the full ownership of each member of the society and will be at his disposal. Every able bodied person will participate in the social labour and thereby ensure the steady growth of the material and spiritual wealth of society. The communist classless society represents the highest form of organisation of taks released, public life.

Strengthening of the Societal Power under the Classless Community Society : Classless society is virtually the stateless society. It does not mean that there will be nothing but chaos in such a society. It will by no means be a society of essays on multiculturalism, anarchy, idleness and inactivity. On the essay, contrary, people’s organisations will evolve on a voluntary basis to look into the needs of the masses. These organisations will have “only a social base” and not a political one. The rights, freedom, honour and dignity of the citizens will be closely protected by the society with the help of these organisations. Classless society is a homogeneous society: According to Marx, the elimination of the distinc­tion between classes makes for greater homogeneity of society. All people will have equal status in essay, society and will stand in the same relation to the means of production. All will actively participate in the management of public affairs for there is no scope for the re-emergence of the class system. Marx was of the firm belief that in a classless communist society “Harmonious relations will be established between the individual and society……. Classless communist society will, thus, consti­tute the taks prompts, highest form of organisation of the human community.

For all their diversity, the require­ments of people will express the sound reasonable requirements of the fully developed person.” Critical Evaluation of the Marxian “Theory of essay, Classless Society” : 1. Marxian theory of classless society is regarded as the weakest link in his thought system. Marx was a strong advocate of change. He had great convictions and faith in his thoughts. Essay! This faith made him project his own concept of an ideal society, the communist classless society. His view that the historic social revolution will take the people to essays on multiculturalism “the brave new world” remains only a product of his wishful thinking. Establishment of socialism in a few of the essay prompts, countries [such as Russia that is, U.S.S.R. of 1917-1990, China, Poland, etc.] does not reveal as yet any desire to move “from the kingdom of necessity to useful the kingdom of freedom” [Lenin]. It only remains as an unfulfilled desire of the communists such as Lenin. 2. Classless society of taks prompts, Marxian vision is not to be seen anywhere in the so called communist world even after more than 120 years of death of essay of education, Marx. His prophecy relating to the “withering am] of the state” has not come true.

As a matter of fact, in the communist nations today, the released essay prompts, state is essay of education, increasing its power and authority day by day. 3. Marx’s theory of a classless society is a kind of Utopian dream. Marxian utopianism is taks, also not regarded as his original ideal. According to Bogardus, Marxian communism is the useful words, result of the Plato’s communism and Moore’s “Utopianism.” 4. Marxian concept of classless society remains only as a political instrument in the hands of the communists. This concept is being misused for gaining political benefits. It is thus reduced to the level of a tool of political propaganda. 5. “Like all dogmas, Marxism is strong in what it asserts and weak in what it denies.” Marx was, “at his best only when he was thundering as a prophet against the capitalists.” 6. Taks Essay! Durkheim considered Marxian socialism as the theory worthy of being rejected: Durkheim showed interest in Marxian socialism, but his concept of socialism was different from that of useful words for essays, Marx’s. “He did not see the taks released, proletariat as the salvation of society, and he was greatly opposed to agitation or violence.”

He regarded socialism as a movement worthy of being launched for the moral rejuvena­tion of society and not for obtaining temporary political gains through a violent revolution. He re­garded Marxian socialism as “a set of disputable and out-of-date hypothesis” – [Lukes], In spite of its failures and shortcomings, both theoretical and practical, the theory of the class­less communist society makes an appeal to an increasing number. It has had a tremendous appeal to the people with a sense of social justice. Welcome to essays in australia!

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